Social Media

«Social networks have the potential to make us better people and better companies»

In the social network era, we can define, create and maintain your communities online, by creating the identity of your company in the network, monitoring when and how it is discussed, detecting opportunities or threats and providing all the necessary resources to make it grow.

Not only have the forms changed, but the tools, and the audiences have as well. Along with the technology that helps us to support them. That may be the perfect ally when contracting, empathizing and caring for our target audience.  We build your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest account and manage for you creating a flow of contents about your company.

Communication is now social. The brands have realised that their products and services not only have to be sold, but also be positioned in the networks. The clients are aware of what the brands transmit. They can reach them in many ways. And our work consists of ensuring that is the case for you and that the perception is correct.

We also run Community Manager consulting. Let us help you to grow in the Internet.

We algo arrange specific courses seeks to provide all the participants with the appropriate tools, tactics and strategies that enable them to train as an online community manager, and at the same time awaken the interest and commitment of their application, with exercises and training using real cases in the field. The course consists of theory and a practical part, divided into online community management modules.