Spokespersons training

«Because teaching is learning twice… We therefore train spokespersons for our clients»

During the sessions, we teach you about how the media operate, what they need and how to pass that on, along with addressing the social networks and communication 2.0: as the same language is not used in the press as on the radio and in television. You need to learn new tools, tones and new languages.

Know how to communicate with media

Anybody who takes our courses will without question be part of a new communication concept where the practical sessions with tools and techniques will enable them to become off and online spokespersons. These courses are aimed at learning to use the appropriate tactics, by means of exercises and training in  real cases from their business.  It is specifically designed to train company spokespersons, but also to retrain journalists as communication directors.

The course consists of theory, practical sessions and dynamics aimed at discovering the media, customised work on non-verbal communication and putting into practice the techniques learnt during interviews with the media, crisis situations, etc.