Quantica Communication´s mission is to provide our clients with a global communication solution, but above all we believe…

  • Gaining the client’s confidence is an ongoing process

  • No» sometimes needs to be said, but we also need to say «yes» to challenges

  • You should never be frightened of being wrong, but rather of not acknowledging it

Why Quantica can help you?

Communication, along with journalism and public relations, has changed. Social networks are a driving force behind this change and the emergence of Quantica Comunicación: from knowing and wanting to do things well and to use as many on- and offline tools as communication puts in our reach.

We are a PR and communication agency providing our clients a 360º services, including traditional media services such as press releases, corporate image or crisis communication, and digital services for your online products.

We can create your website in a few days, write and manage contents for your page and engage you targets with a social network strategy to improve your presence in the web. Quantica works with a team of journalists and specialized online contents curators, so we can offer absolutely professional answers to your requests.

At Quantica, we are also committed to integral communication, involving the social networks, audiovisual, presentations, training in new techniques and tools for spokesperson and for community managers.