Web design & Digital marketing

«Let your web be great and see the results of your ads»

When preparing a digital marketing strategy, managing the appropriate channels is fundamental for the success of the campaign. At Quántica, we know how to capitalize the investment and reach the correct target audience. As part of digital marketing, we specialise in:

  • Branding
  • SEO. Organic positioning in the search engines to appear among the top positions for specific searches.
  • Web design. Creating you site in a few days.
  • SEM. Website/blog positioning through advertising in Adwords.
  • SMO. Positioning the website or blog through Social Networks.
  • Newsletters
  • Creativity, designing and implementing banners (In forums, websites, blogs…)

Yet man does not live off usual channels alone and affiliate marketing ensures that your product or service can reach more people and even that the websites are involved in achieving those expectations.  At Quántica, we therefore pride ourselves on management a reputable affiliate network with associate and partners that are able to guarantee results.

We are experts in digital advertising and Google Adwords, Facebook and LinkedIn ads. The CPC or pay per click campaign achieves effective and rapid results that are directly aimed at your target segment. We therefore analyse your brand, your target audiences and thus the most appropriate keywords for the success of the campaigns of your business. Thus, keyword advertising is fundamental when planning a global advertising strategy or a specific action aimed at specific actions that may interest your company.

We also work with affiliate marketing agencies, so we can promote your company in a big network to reach your targets. Also, we can convert your website in an affiliate platform to make a profitable page.